BEGIN:VCALENDAR PRODID:-//Contact Plus Corporation//NONSGML Web Cal Plus //EN TZ:CST VERSION:2.0 METHOD:PUBLISH BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20180718 DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20180718 DURATION:P1D DTSTAMP:20180718T050000Z PRIORITY:0 CLASS:PUBLIC SUMMARY:3:00-5:00 KIDS CLASS - RED BEANS AND RICE TRANSP:0 UID:180610415755648432097521080624 DESCRIPTION;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE:Who doesn't like RED BEANS AND RICE in Louisiana?? This New version will be lots of fun. We will be adding real rice!!! =0D=0A= =0D=0A= ALL MATERIALS INCLUDED=0D=0A= =0D=0A= COST $20 PAY IN STUDIO IN ADVANCE CASH OR CHECK=0D=0A= =0D=0A= SCHEDULE AND PAY ONLINE: $23.50=0D=0A= =0D=0A= PLEASE SCHEDULE IN ADVANCE!=0D=0A= =0D=0A= =0D=0A= =0D=0A= =0D=0A= =0D=0A=
=0D=0A= =0D=0A= =0D=0A= =0D=0A= 3D""=0D=0A=